All good things…

Back in September myself and my brother were contacted by Fragbite with a view to being Editor of their International website.

At the end of October, I left my job in retail management and finally joined the esports world full time.

It has been a fantastic six months that has simply confirmed my love for the industry, which is full of amazing people at all levels. Two of those I’d love to thank.

Huge thanks to Viktor “Vuggo” Jendeby and Per “Xerm” Sjölin for having faith in me, and providing the opportunity at Fragbite

My time with the Swedish based company has unfortunately come to an end, but I hope that my esports journey has not. I am 100% looking for a new role in the space, whether that be proofreading/editing, photography, social media + community management or something new entirely. I am eagar to learn and add to my skills and experience.

Feel free to get in touch at mail[at] or via Twitter.

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