2018 draws to a close


2018 has been quite a long year for me, but one that has also gone by too fast.

It has both been amazing and challenging. With new experiences and things learnt.

My first year full time in esports has been rocky, but also I had the chance to live my dream and work in an industry I care so much about. I started 2018 in a job I loved working with Fragbite as their .com editor, which unfortunately did not last, before I moved onto Red Bull Sweden, and the story is much the same there, as is the freelance life.

Other than on the job front, I started streaming on Twitch in October of this year, something I never thought I would have the confidence to do. But I have been determined not to let anxiety take over and push myself to get out there and do it. However it has been great, I appreciate all the support I have had so far. I never imagined anyone would want to hang around and chat with me. (Especially as I try to come to terms with playing on a console!)

Also, I met many new people, some who have become close friends, and others who have taught me things about myself. Even though people don’t always remain close I am thankful for you all; as people evolve and look to better themselves. A large part of my year has been spent getting to know people in Tom’s Twitch chat, so I couldn’t not mention you all. As you may not realise, but you have helped me a lot.

On the event front I attended the ECS Season 5 Finals and the FACEIT CS:GO Major both of which were held in Wembley, London. As well as the PUBG PGI EU Qualifiers in Leicester, and Insomnia63 in Birmingham. Which consists of quite a few local events compared to years gone by, hoping to step that aspect up again in the next 12 months.


I am both nervous and excited to see what 2019 will bring, even if right now I don’t know which direction I am headed. For sure I know that I want to do more with my photography, as it is something I enjoy and am passionate about.

Much love, let’s get it! 💙

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